How to Use LinkedIn to Raise Investment 

Designed by a team with a proven track record of raising over £45million, LinkedIQ is an online programme to help you to effectively leverage LinkedIn for the purpose of raising investment 

Learn how to find, connect and engage your audience on LinkedIn. Discover the best strategies for content drafting, the best practices for following up with new connections and building momentum for an investment campaign. Get expert advice on how to turn your connections into investors.

LinkedIQ - How to Use LinkedIn to Raise Investment

£149 + VAT

  • Identify potential investors on LinkedIn
  • Enhance connection and conversion rates
  • Effective communication approaches to engage new connections
  • Insights on content sharing to foster a strong bond between your business and connections
  • Best practices for follow-ups and nurturing relationships
  • Building momentum for a successful investment campaign on LinkedIn
  • Converting connections into active investors
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Here's what clients are saying about LinkedIQ

Our clients aren't just satisfied, they have raised investment, and their businesses are growing.

Catch Creative

"One of the best resources I have EVER used.

Extremely. Good. Value."


"I gained so much experience with the LinkedIn module, so many things I wasn't aware about on how to expand my network."

Straight & Narrow

"The biggest game changer for us was the bespoke LinkedIn training."

Tailor Grace

"The LinkedIn module was eye-opening and we learnt so much about networking and using this app to reach out to like-minded individuals."

Proven results

Does ISQ's method work?

There's only one way to find out, by seeing whether our clients actually successfully funded.

over £45M

Raised by clients

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Level up your LinkedIn game, build your network and raise investment

Learn strategies for finding, connecting with, and engaging your target audience on LinkedIn. The programme covers content drafting techniques, best practices for following up with new connections, and methods for building momentum for an investment campaign.

Expert advice on converting LinkedIn connections into potential investors. With LinkedIQ, business leaders can maximise their business potential by harnessing the power of LinkedIn.

Make progress in a way that suits you

Progress the way that best suits you. Learn anytime, anywhere and whatever speed you like. 

Online e-learning platform

Watch training videos in HD with subtitles. Access the training online from any desktop or mobile device, anywhere in the world, anytime you like.


Growing & engaging your community on LinkedIn


At your own pace



Programme content


Short online training session delivered by experts
Downloadable resources and cheat sheets
Access to successful social post examples, templates and tools.
You'll have everything you need to boost your presence on LinkedIn.


Here’s a quick rundown of what this programme covers:
  1. How to find potential investors on LinkedIn,
  2. How to connect with those people & have the best conversion rate,
  3. How to talk to your new connections,
  4. How to share content to help your connections build an attachment to your business and story,
  5. How to follow up with your new connections,
  6. How to build momentum for an investment campaign on LinkedIn,
  7. How to turn your connections into investors.
What you get:
  • Online training¬†session on how to use LinkedIn;
    • Video training to watch at your leisure,
    • Share with other team members,
  • Downloadable resources;
    • LinkedIn Cheat Sheet - How to ensure your Linkedin profile is optimised for marketing,
    • Example social posts from previously successful clients,
    • Template to draft your first 10 posts.

Only £149 + VAT

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