The ISQ Team

Get to know a bit more about the team behind ISQ.

Kirsty Ranger

Founder & CEO

Kirsty launched ISQ in 2014 and has personally been involved in tens of millions of pounds of fundraising. She loves supporting companies working to look after our planet and the people who live on it. Kirsty speaks openly and passionately about Crowdfunding and supporting growing companies.

Outside of the world of crowds and business, you’ll find her quietly buried in a good book or wandering technology free in nature with her dog, Ralph.

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Karoline Rydningen

Business Development Executive

Karoline joined ISQ in 2022 to manage the company's sales function. Karoline has a wealth of experience in sales, marketing and business development.

After many years in London, Karoline has recently relocated back to Norway. She speaks Norwegian, Danish and English fluently! She has a dog called Fox, and enjoys cross-country skiing and weekends in the cabin by the lake - those of us based in the UK are very jealous!

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Richard Mojel

Commercial Director

Richard has previously mentored and held NED roles with multiple startups and scale-ups. He is passionate about helping clients to present their investment opportunities well and has an interest in change management and business strategy. Richard has been involved in millions of pounds of fundraising.

After 15 years in the UK, Richard recently returned to New Zealand and lives in the beautiful district of Tasman at the top of the South Island. Consequently he speaks with ISQ clients at all sorts of unusual times! Surrounded by MVP wine and beer (he means vineyards and hops…) he’s also a wannabe rockstar and plays guitar in a covers band.

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Steph Yeates

Operations Manager

Steph joined ISQ in 2018, her role includes supporting clients throughout the programme, providing advice and technical support. Steph has worked on close to 100 campaigns over the years. With a background in events management, she's happiest when in front of a good spreadsheet and ensuring processes are all running smoothly.

Steph studied modern languages at university and speaks French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese to varying degrees and is a bit of a grammar nerd. Steph loves being outdoors, be it gardening, walking in the countryside or climbing mountains. She has recently moved from Bristol to Devon with her partner and their little terrier, Ezzi.

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