Valuation & Equity Tool

You can use this tool to work out your valuation or equity shares for your upcoming raise. Note that you must know your minimum raise target and have an idea of your maximum overfunding target to use this tool. If you would like us to email you a copy of your results, complete your contact details at the end.


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Valuations Explained:

What is Pre-Money Valuation?

A pre-money valuation (also known as pre-money) is a term that refers to the overall share value of the business before receiving further investment.

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What is Post-Money Valuation?

Post-money valuation refers to a company's valuation after new investments have been made into the enterprise, eg from a crowdfunding campaign and/or other sources. Valuations that are calculated before these funds are added are called pre-money valuations. The post-money valuation, then, is equal to the pre-money valuation plus the amount of any new equity received from outside investors.

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Overfunding Explained

If you 'overfund' your campaign then the amount of equity on offer will change. This is not directly proportional, due to the way in which pre-money valuations are calculated. Use this tool to get an idea how the equity on offer will change as you overfund.

Calculate Valuation

If you know your raise target and equity on offer, use these figures to calculate your valuation.

Calculate Equity

If you know your raise target and current pre-money valuation, use these figures to calculate your equity on offer.