The investor sign-up process on Seedrs is simple. Investors can sign-up and become an authorised investor in minutes. Create a free account and become authorised to invest. As part of the regulatory process that all financial institutions must carry out, Seedrs also need to verify the investor's identity through a valid form of ID. Investors need to pass KYC checks, this is a short quiz to ensure they understand the risks involved with investing in start-ups and early-stage businesses before they're able to make investments into campaigns. 

Investors have the option to invest in businesses from £10/€10, but the amount will be rounded to the closest multiple of the share price. Upon making the investment, they will be asked to provide card details and pay straight away either by card or via pre-loaded amounts on their investment account. Seedrs collects funds from investors at the point the investment is made, but investors can still change their minds and cancel their investment to receive a refund. Once the campaign closes, investments can no longer be cancelled.

Seedrs AutoInvest

Equity crowdfunding’s first move into automation. With AutoInvest, investors can build their own auto-investment bot, they simply select the amount they would like to invest per campaign and the bot then automatically invests based on their chosen criteria. AutoInvest enables investors to build a diverse portfolio of early-stage businesses, in a more efficient way than ever before. More about AutoInvest here.