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InvestIQ - How to Find Investors and Gain Their Interest

£24.99 + VAT

Master the art of investor conversations and secure the funding you need.

InvestIQ is an online programme designed by a team of experienced professionals who have helped businesses to raise millions. Gain invaluable insights on finding potential investors, confidently approaching them, and engaging in meaningful conversations. Learn how to navigate investor questions with ease and negotiate fair deals. Plus, discover effective strategies for managing post-investment relationships and handling special scenarios like raising funds during an economic downturn.

What you'll get:

  • Access to 24 learning modules created by a team that's helped clients to secure over £40million in equity funding.
  • Tools, templates and resources, including investor deck examples, valuation tools and investor lists.
  • Discounted access to all other complimentary ISQ offerings.

What’s included in LinkedIQ if I take advantage of the upgrade offer?

Here’s a quick rundown of what this programme covers:

  • How to find potential investors on LinkedIn,
  • How to connect with those people & have the best conversion rate,
  • How to talk to your new connections,
  • How to share content to help your connections build an attachment to your business and story,
  • How to follow up with your new connections,
  • How to build momentum for an investment campaign on LinkedIn,
  • How to turn your connections into investors.

What you get:

  • Online training session on how to use LinkedIn;
    • Video training to watch at your leisure,
    • Share with other team members,
  • Downloadable resources;
    • LinkedIn Cheat Sheet - How to ensure your LinkedIn profile is optimised for marketing,
    • Example social posts from previously successful clients,
    • Template to draft your first 10 posts.