Select your preferred call time with ISQ Crowdfunding

These calls are reserved for people who;

  • Understand what Equity Crowdfunding is and have decided it might be a good fit for their business.
  • Are broadly aware of at least one Equity Crowdfunding platform.
  • Are looking to raise investment within the next 6 months. 
  • Would like support in putting together a highly successful Equity Crowdfunding round.

If you do not feel you meet the above criteria, please instead join our crowdfunding education series here to bring yourself up to speed before booking a call.

We have team members in multiple time zones so we can offer calls & support 24/7.

Please select a time when all people within your business involved in the decision to crowdfund can join the call.

  • For any issues with scheduling please email: [email protected]
  • Please note all calls will be recorded for training and quality purposes
  • Please note that as part of our qualification requirements for potential clients we may share your business name and contact details with one or more of our investment raising partners