How important is a company newsletter?

Apr 19, 2022

A company newsletter is traditionally issued monthly to your customers, clients, or email subscribers, providing them with an update of what’s been going on in the business. What’s been going well? Do you have new testimonials to share? What interesting things have you found out about your industry? Have you got any new offers that you want people to take advantage of?

Whilst some people may argue that a newsletter is outdated, or perhaps too lengthy for a user to want to digest, it can’t be denied that any promotional info about your company where you can link directly back to your website or social media sites will be helpful for brand growth. Newsletters should be used to educate and inform the reader on what’s going on with your brand, and this style of writing gives you the opportunity to share your story in more depth. By writing a quarterly, monthly or perhaps even a weekly newsletter, you can establish yourself as a strong industry leader. 

Most companies use social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter to share their content and updates and hashtags are used to try and improve outreach and engagement. But those posts tend to be short, sharp snippets of longer updates and educational content. Ideally you want to use your social media sites to direct people to your website and newsletter so they can read a wider breadth of educational info and get a broader picture of who you are as a company. So it’s a good idea to post content on your social sites including a call to action diverting traffic to your newsletter sign up page. Equally, embedding links in your newsletter will in turn direct traffic to your website, to either sell your product or services, or gain new clients through call bookings. So it’s a constant cycle of generating traffic. The benefits of writing a newsletter may not appear to be immediate in terms of analytics, but patience should give good results! 

Newsletters can open doors to new partnerships and clients, so it’s important to put a bit of effort in and get them right. Here are some tips and tricks:

  • Choose your focus each newsletter and keep the content relevant. Eg: have you got a new product launch? Has a client recently left you a testimonial or a user left you a review? Do you have an employee of the month/a client of the month? Is there something big going on in your industry?
  • Keep the copy simple, but catchy. 
  • Keep your branding and font consistent - choose a good, catchy name and visually appealing header image which fits with your brand. Use these every time so people get used to it. 
  • Include a sign up/subscribe link to your newsletter on your website. 
  • Promote your newsletter monthly on all of your social media sites. 
  • Offer an incentive - it doesn’t have to be anything which will cost your business, but using careful wording it can appear to be incentivised. Eg: Want to hear the latest trends? Want to hear about our next product launch ahead of the masses?
  • Include your social media buttons in the header or footer. You always want to be diverting traffic to other sources of information and content sharing for your brand. 
  • Include third party content to show you’re keeping track of what’s going on in your industry. 
  • Include client case studies and testimonials, or customer reviews - show authenticity. 

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