How to be more successful at marketing your start-up

May 23, 2016

To be successful at marketing you first need to understand what it is. Unfortunately, the answer is not clear at all. Ask 10 entrepreneurs the same question and they will most likely each give you a different answer. Marketing confuses everyone, even those who do it for a living. What’s more, it is also an ever-changing discipline. So, in order to succeed with it, you have to keep learning. As an entrepreneur, marketing is one of the most important skills that you need to master in order to successfully promote your start-up. Below, we list 5 things that you need to get right in order to succeed in marketing your start-up.

Tell your story

There are so many start-ups out there. How can you even try to compete? The key to breaking through the noise and get noticed is to be unique. And what makes you unique is your story. Your WHY! Define your mission and vision and let people know why you are doing what you are doing. This way you will naturally attract your ideal clients.

Find your unique voice

Figure out who you are as a brand. Many people wrongly believe that their logo is their brand – your logo is not your brand… your logo does not define you, you define you! Your brand is who you are, your beliefs, your values. It’s what you wear, how you communicate with your customers or how you package your products. Your brand defines your unique character that people are drawn towards. Your brand is why people will buy from you rather than your competitor. Develop a unique, personal brand that stands for who you are and you will never have to worry about your competitors again!

Get an awesome looking website

Invest in an awesome online presence. Currently, every small business has a website. This wasn’t the case 5 years ago. Nowadays, the competition online is huge and with an average website you no longer stand the chance! Your website is your online shop window so just like you would make your physical space look amazing in order to entice the customers in, in digital space, it is also very important to make the user experience second to none, in order to represent your company in the best possible way. Your competitors are only one click away! Remember however that there is no one website style that fits all. Make your website represent who you are, and reflect what your customers are looking for.

Be social!

Social media is huge right now as it’s free and everyone can do it. But are you doing it right? Remember that social media is not a one-way channel! It’s a two-way street! So spend as much time engaging with your audience as you do broadcasting! Be social, mix in the online groups, get to know people, share your expertise and you will see immediate results.

Have a strategy

Have a long term marketing plan. Don’t just jump on every promotion opportunity that comes your way. Take time to develop a goal-oriented strategy with several action-oriented tactics that you can implement over time. Then, step by step go through the plan and seek out opportunities that can help you achieve those goals.

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