Emotional Advertising - Connecting your video with your audience

Feb 08, 2023


How does Creating Emotional Connection Benefit a Brand?

Potential buyers want to be advised as to how your product or service can help to solve their problem. One way to do this is through informing them, using facts and figures. However, buyers won’t tend to make a purchase based on information alone. Customers are more likely to purchase a product or service if they have an emotional connection; they are more prone to making emotional purchases than informed purchases. 


The short of it is that Emotional response marketing is effective and will benefit your strategy.


The Benefits of Emotional Advertising 

Emotional advertisement is important to growing a brand, making it easier for your audience to connect with your brand on a personal level. This helps to develop trust between the business and customer, meaning that they are more likely to engage with your brand and help to increase customer loyalty. Customers are more likely to stick with a brand that they feel emotionally invested in, rather than simply choosing the cheapest or most convenient option.

As well as this, emotional advertisement can make a bigger impact on audiences; content becomes more shareable and more memorable. This is a great factor when it comes to increasing brand awareness. By evoking strong emotions in viewers, emotional videos can stick in the mind and create a lasting impression. This can be especially valuable for companies looking to increase their brand awareness and reach a wider audience.


How to Implement Emotional Advertising 

One way to implement emotional advertising is through video. Creating emotive and authentic video content can be really valuable when growing and promoting your brand or product.

John Lewis

Lloyds Bank


One company that engages customers, gets people talking, and increases brand awareness through video is John Lewis. Unlike many advertisements, John Lewis’ aim is not just about products, facts and pricing, but their main objective is to create a memorable, emotional connection with audiences. This successfully improves sales and brand engagement.

When creating your own content, it is important to be authentic. it can be useful to use customer insights to create content that is emotionally engaging and honest to generate sharing. This can be done by reflecting brand values through video. For example, if one of your brand values is consistency, your video can show that through your company showing up no matter what time or day.

Overall, emotional video is an effective tool for building value in a company. It can increase brand awareness, drive customer loyalty, improve customer engagement, and ultimately lead to increased sales. 

Singularity Film is a video agency that focuses on creating films with an emotional connection; producing funding films, brand films, and TV commercials. They do this with a four-tier content strategy that works seamlessly together. This structure then helps them to analyse what individual companies are missing to help them thrive. Singularity can then fill these gaps with incredible, emotive content that will fit the brand. 

Combining this strategy with filmmaking will ensure that audiences are both informed and engaged with the company; creating an emotional connection between company and consumer.


Who are Singularity Film?

Singularity Film is a video production agency that specialises in creating cinematic video that emotionally connects audiences and builds brands. From increasing brand and product awareness, to successfully raising over £400,000 through crowdfunding videos; Singularity is passionate about creating atmospheric films that increase reach, leave a lasting impression, and help achieve your current business goals. They are here to help you solve a business challenge.

Singularity Film only creates content they know will help their clients. They are unique in the way that they formulate content strategies and media plans. In simple terms, Singularity has created a content structure which easily allows them to get to the core of your business goals; they do this with a four-tier content strategy that works seamlessly together. This structure then helps them to analyse what individual companies are missing to help them thrive. Singularity can then fill these gaps with incredible content that will fit the brand. Combining content strategy with filmmaking will ensure your business goals are met, from fundraising, to conversion, to social media. They believe you must start with the goal, create a strategy, and then produce the content that you know will generate ROI.

Singularity’s philosophy revolves around emotion, atmosphere, and subtlety. They are experts in keeping the viewer both intrigued and informed, allowing us to deliver engaging content which will help to sell your brand and successfully fundraise.


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