Case study: The Portfolio Platform - our fastest client campaign ever on Seedrs!

May 10, 2023

Our fastest client campaign…EVER! Public for only 3 days on Seedrs


Client: The Portfolio Platform

Platform: Seedrs

Campaign target: £700K

Final amount raised: £1,443,135

Overfunding %: 205%

Number of investors: 161

Pre-money valuation: £5,8M

Final equity offered: 20%


Business summary:

An investment platform that brings professional trading to the retail market via our innovative software.


Bullet highlights:

  • TPP links highly vetted, elite traders to the everyday investor.
  • We don't aim to track global indices, we aim to beat them.
  • A truly global product with no geographical limitations.
  • No entry fee, no exit fee, no management fee, no performance fee.


We knew this campaign was going to do well, but neither we here at ISQ nor The Portfolio Platform team were prepared for just HOW WELL they would go on to do. Launching privately to their own community, they were already oversubscribed and hit 182% in just 2 days of private live. They then launched publicly to the Seedrs community, and after only 3 days on the platform reached their overfunding target and closed the campaign. All in all, it was all over, done and dusted in less than 5 days in total. That’s a new record for us!

We asked Ed and Lane from The Portfolio Platform a few questions about how the campaign went, their experience of using ISQ and what’s next for TPP…


What was the best bit about the campaign, what went well?

TPP is an investment platform, so they had the benefit that their clients are already investors. This meant that after just 1 or 2 emails to their customer list, they were inundated with expressions of interest as well as serious commitments.

Ed said that “Everything ran pretty smoothly. The pre-Seedrs funding went better than expected which was great.”


What parts of the ISQ programme did you really benefit from?

Ed said of the ISQ programme, “It was all very helpful.”

Lane added, “We probably couldn't have done it quite as efficiently without the fantastic assistance from ISQ, the team there were fantastic.”

TPP set out to raise £600-700K and ended up closing at just under £1,5M. The campaign garnered a lot of support from the Seedrs community. The TPP team were inundated with questions in the discussion forum, which shows just how interested the platform’s investors were in this campaign.

Lane also posted some fantastic updates on the campaign page, very creative with some funny subject lines. He even wrote a song! Here's a sneak peak...


So why did you choose to work with ISQ?

Lane said: “We decided to use ISQ because we felt that they would ensure that the whole raise went as efficiently as possible, that we ticked every box, met every objective, and ultimately completed efficiently, effectively, and on time.”


What is next for your team/growth?

Ed said: “We’ve already started on finding the right people to take our marketing forward. Grow grow grow!”

We’re looking forward to watching where you guys go from here, onwards and upwards!

Author: Steph Yeates, Operations Director, ISQ Crowdfunding

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