Best Equity Crowdfunding Platforms in Europe

May 13, 2024

If you want to invest in promising European startups starting with as little as 100 euros and making impressive returns or you are a startup owner who needs to raise funding from a pool of investors like your customers, friends, industry experts, and so on then this article is for you.

In this article, we will present to you the top European equity crowdfunding platforms that help connect investors and startups for mutual benefit!

If you are not familiar with Equity crowdfunding, also called crowdinvesting, it is a form of fundraising where startups, young companies, or sometimes even well-established companies instead of raising funds from big investors decide to raise funds from many people by offering them to become company co-owners, so to say very similar to IPO. 

To start raising funds or investing in startups you need to find a reliable equity crowdfunding platform. So let’s have a look at the most interesting Equity crowdfunding platforms by country and we will start with the UK a home country of crowdfunding. 


Best Equity crowdfunding sites in the UK

The UK definitely is the biggest market in Europe for Equity crowdfunding. In the UK operates two biggest European equity crowdfunding platforms Seedrs and Crowdcube.

Via Seedrs ( almost 3 billion GBP  was raised to finance 2200 startups like Revolut, Republic, TransferGo, and more. Seedrs also operate a secondary market allowing investors to sell their shares earlier. 

Based on the secondary market, best-performing investments on Seedrs have grown by 5000%, which is astonishing returns.

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Crowdcube ( is another large player with funding volumes reaching more than 1.2 billion GBP. Crowdcube helped thousands of companies raise funding and sometimes results are truly impressive, there are plenty of examples when companies raised millions in a few days. From recent example is Mintos fundraising campaign,  when Mintos secured more than 2 million euros in funding from 2000 investors in two days.

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Best Equity crowdfunding sites in Germany

The biggest player in Germany is Companisto ( with funding volumes exceeding 230 million euros and 328 financing rounds. On Companisto people can invest starting with 250 euros in startups from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. 

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Invesdor ( is another big player that is focusing on two models: Equity crowdfunding and business lending. Invesdor helped to raise funding for almost 1000 projects for a total amount exceeding half a billion euros. As mentioned on Invesdor you can invest in shares of European start-ups and provide loans to SMEs gaining fixed returns. 

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Africa GreenTec ( is an awesome platform from Germany that offers to invest in shares (profit sharing) and provide loans to African sustainable companies. Therefore if you want to make a positive impact with your investments check Africa GreenTec. 

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FunderNation ( is an Equity crowdfunding platform specialising in investments in technology companies and the historic return on capital was 20,23 %. On FunderNation starting from 100 euro, you will be able to invest in companies that might change how we live and make our world a better place. 

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Best Equity crowdfunding sites in France

In France, many platforms offer several investment types for example on one platform you can invest in companies by acquiring shares or providing loans or bonds thus receiving fixed incomes  

The biggest platform in France that among other types offers Equity crowdfunding is Wiseed ( which has more than 200k registered investors who invested 400M EUR. Besides investing in unlisted companies' shares, investors can invest in real estate and provide loans to businesses.

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Tudigo ( is another great platform that allows investors to invest in startups starting from a few hundred euros. Till today almost 150 million euros have been fundraised via Tudigo. Tudigo is one of the few platforms that provide estimated yield for equity projects which helps investors better understand company growth potential. 

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Best Equity crowdfunding sites in Italy

Mamacrowd ( is the biggest Italian Equity crowdfunding platform with more than 200 thousand investors who have financed 250+ projects for a total amount of 284 million euros. Besides startups and high-growth companies offer to buy shares in real estate projects. 

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Back to Work ( is an Italian equity crowdfunding platform owned by the bank - Intesa Sanpaolo. Back to Work offers investors to invest in startups and real estate which provides more diversification options. 

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CrowdFundMe (  offers a wide range of investments - Equity investments in real estate and startups and mini-bonds for SMEs. Via CrowdFundMe was raised 173  million euros for more than 500 projects. 

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Best Equity crowdfunding sites in Spain

SegoFinance ( is one of the biggest crowdfunding platforms in Spain that offers a wide range of investments for retail investors from Equity crowdfunding to invoice trading. 40 thousand investors have provided more than 100 million euros in funding to 3000 fundraising campaigns.

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Capital Cell (  is focusing on fundraising for healthcare and biotechnology companies and till today almost 100 million has been collected.  Should be mentioned that 94% of fundraising campaigns on Capital Cell are successful thus if you are the owner of a healthcare or biotechnology company consider raising funds on Capital Cell. 

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Best Equity crowdfunding sites in the Netherlands 

Wefunder (  is a platform from the USA that acquired a European crowdfunding service provider license in the Netherlands.  Wefunder is one of the biggest platforms in the USA and is becoming a significant player in the European market offering investors to invest in European and USA startups. 

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CrowdAboutNow ( )  is one of the major crowdfunding platforms in the Netherlands. Since 2011, CrowdAboutNow has helped successfully finance approximately 900 projects with a community of over 100,000 investors.

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Other great Equity crowdfunding sites

SeedBlink (  is one of the best European equity crowdfunding platforms from Romania that helped raise funding for more than 3000 companies from 100,000 investors.

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Let’s explore a few platforms from Scandinavia

Folkeinvest ( is a Norway-based equity crowdfunding platform that helped 234 companies to raise more than 100 million euros.

Click to learn more about Folkinvest. 


In this article, we mentioned in our opinion best Equity crowdfunding platforms but there are many more great platforms offering people the opportunity to invest and businesses the opportunity to raise funding, and you can find them all in one place on


We hope you found this article useful and wish you successful investing. 

Written for ISQ by Jevgenijs Sokolovs from Crowd Inform

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