2020’s success stories - part deux

Dec 22, 2020

There is no point denying that this year has been a little... ‘unprecedented’ so I’m sure many of you are, like us, looking forward to starting afresh in 2021. We’re working with some fab campaigns behind the scenes, and have seen a few new clients successfully fund in the past few months. 


CARNOT is developing game-changing power units with twice the efficiency, half the fuel consumption & zero CO2 emissions. Their aim is to reduce global CO2 emissions by 13% to accelerate the world's transition to net-zero and bring clean, secure and affordable energy to all. Their campaign on CrowdCube originally needed £100,000, but they exceeded their targets and reached just under £300,000!

Evaclite manufactures award-winning dynamic exit signs that save lives through making buildings safer. They provide a brighter, quicker and safer solution which helps keep people safe. Their leading technology is seen twice as easily, so helps us make up our minds in half the time and reduces congestion in exits by over 1/3rd! Their campaign overfunded to 113% on Seedrs.

GIBIE, a home furnishings brand with a sustainable twist, see the immediate need to curb the ongoing devastation the textile industry has on the planet. Their linens aim to disrupt this industry using plant-based dyes inspired by 5000-year-old Ayurvedic processes. Their products are kind to our skin & the environment by avoiding the use of harmful chemicals. Their campaign on CrowdCube reached an astonishing 300% funded. 

Upside Down House, a family-friendly attraction offering a zero-gravity illusion photo experience, are currently raising on Seedrs. They have created the first inverted UK tourist attraction; a hybrid of street art and experiential entertainment.


At ISQ, we’re always on the lookout for businesses that are looking to crowdfund to raise capital for their business but need some support with the process. We’ve helped hundreds of clients to crowdfund successfully and we know what makes a good crowdfunding campaign. We will work in partnership with your team to ensure that the right levers are pulled at the right time to secure a raise on Europe’s leading crowdfunding platforms.

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