11 signs that you were born an entrepreneur

Nov 24, 2015

Most entrepreneurs feel it in their bones that they were born to do their own thing. They are dissatisfied as employees and all they want is to create, build and grow their own enterprises. But what does it really mean to be an entrepreneur? Some think that being entrepreneurial means being good at business and at making money. But in fact one does not become an entrepreneur to make money – one becomes an entrepreneur to help others solve a problem, to make a difference in the world and to create something truly inspirational. Below, we are listing 11 traits that are most often associated with being an entrepreneur – how many of them do you have?


You can’t sit still. You’re always itching to come up with something, and do something great. Others find you inspirational and you find it easy to persuade people over to your side. You completely lose track of time when pursuing your projects. Spending hours, days or months feels like minutes for you.


You like calling the shots and being a director. Delegating tasks and assigning resources comes naturally to you. At the same time, you don’t like being told what to do. You’re resentful of taking orders. You like setting goals for yourself and managing your own schedule. You find challenges in everything you do and seek out opportunities to challenge yourself all the time.


You are an ideas person. You’re always coming up with ideas. Good or bad, ideas fill your life. You frequently turn ideas into projects. Every week, a new idea is transformed into a hobby and later into a business.


You don’t let opportunities go and you always create opportunities for yourself. You see opportunities where others don’t and always follow up on possible leads. You also like to negotiate and play a hard bargain. You often find ways to get things for free, either through skill swapping or inspiring others to simply want to help you.


You are not willing to spend your valuable time on things that don’t work for you. If it’s inefficient or bothersome, it’s off the list. You usually avoid things that might potentially waste your time altogether. You’re immune to video games and social-media time.


You aren’t afraid of hard work. You give everything in your life 100 per cent. You constantly think of ways to improve processes and operations.


You love to learn new skills. You spend your free time watching “how-to” tutorials in order to upskill yourself. Lifelong learning is what you are all about. You are often seen as the jack of all trades. Whether it’s building a website, doing a tax return or finding a new hire – you know how to do it all.


You don’t give up easily. Faced with a tough challenge you keep on going. You’re disciplined and don’t let your routines be broken easily. You have the ability to bounce back from failure. You’ve experienced failure again and again, but it’s never stopped you from coming back even stronger. You fail fast.


You have a high threshold for risk but you make rational decisions, not emotional ones. Most of the time, you trust your logic over your emotions.


You are always open to meeting as many people as you can. You talk to everyone and you aren’t afraid to branch out and meet new people in order to expand your network.


You like to compete with others. Whether it’s at work or in social situations, you are always looking for a way to be a winner.

Can you recognise any of those traits in yourself?

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