ISQ is a crowdfunding specialist and private equity funding support partner.

We help our clients to expand, engage and raise investment from their direct and extended networks.

We support clients to plan, prepare, launch and run a highly successful funding round. Our clients close their rounds on Seedrs, Crowdcube, or privately, using Seedlegals.

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Our crowdfunding support programmes

ISQ will coach and guide you through a proven and structured methodology. We work closely with you and your platform of choice, supporting you step by step, taking you from thinking about crowdfunding to having a successfully overfunded campaign.

Since 2018, 95% of clients that completed our programme funded!

We have a range of investment and crowdfunding support services available...

Crowdfunding Programme

Who is it for?
Our Crowdfunding Programme is ideally suited for you if the following applies:

  • Business owners who are currently leading a business which has clear traction,
  • You have a strong business proposition, brand and network to support your raise,
  • You want to pursue a public crowdfunding campaign as your method of raising investment,
  • You recognise the value of listening to experts and you know where your own and team strengths and weaknesses lie,
  • You’re driven to get money in the bank within the next 4 to 6 months.
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Mini Crowdfunding Programme

Who is it for?

Our Mini Crowdfunding Programme is ideally suited for you if the following applies:

  • Business owners who are currently in a business with traction,
  • You may be undecided about whether to crowdfund at all, you may also be considering the option of a private raise,
  • You want to test the waters to ensure you can secure the investment you need before committing to a public crowdfunding campaign,
  • You're budget conscious or have limited cash flow.
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Bespoke service

Who is it for?
Our Bespoke Service is ideally suited for you if the following applies:

  • You’re about to launch a crowdfunding campaign within 3-6 weeks or,
  • You may already be progressing through due diligence with a platform but are not yet live, and
  • You’ve got the time and resources to dedicate to expedite your campaign preparations, and
  • You need extra support, regular 1-2-1 coaching calls and handholding throughout.
  • This may be your 1st or follow-on crowdfunding campaign.
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The Portfolio Platform - raised £1,4M in 3 days via Seedrs

"We recently completed our first fundraise, and to be completely candid, we probably couldn't have done it as efficiently without the fantastic assistance from ISQ, the team there were fantastic. Before we started the campaign, we spoke to a couple of VCs and we had some private investment potentially lined up. We decided to use ISQ because we felt that they would ensure that the whole raise went as efficiently as possible, that we ticked every box, met every objective, and ultimately completed it efficiently, effectively, and on time."

Cosimo Art - raised £130K via Seedrs

“As a sole founder you know, first-time founder, I had to do a lot of learning through this process, but that was really expedited, I think, by the support I had from ISQ throughout. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the framework and support from ISQ, they've been fundamental in helping us get through this process.”

Famli - overfunded by 205% via Seedrs

"We didn't know where to start and were quite uncertain in our ability to run a successful crowdfunding campaign due to our lack of experience in this domain. ISQ has a proven process, combined with a very competent and experienced team, which meant that no matter the situation, we had the support we needed to ensure our campaign was successful. This ultimately led us to exceed our goal significantly and reach 205% overfunded, which we would have definitely not been able to achieve without them."

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Recently funded client campaigns


Platform: Seedrs

Total raised: £397,362 / 112%

Total investors: 321

The Funky Appliance Company

Platform: Seedrs

Total raised: £409,082 / 102%

Total investors: 199

The Good Pea Co

Platform: Seedrs

Total raised: £180,540 / 180%

Total investors: 294

Burning Barn

Platform: Seedrs

Total raised: £263,513 / 142%

Total investors: 186

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