ISQ is a crowdfunding specialist and private equity funding support partner.

We help our clients to expand, engage and raise investment from their direct and extended networks.

We support clients to plan, prepare, launch and run a highly successful funding round. Our clients close their rounds on Seedrs, Crowdcube, or privately, using Seedlegals.

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We proudly support clients to raise investment using the following partner services:

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Our crowdfunding support programme

ISQ will coach and guide you through a proven and structured methodology. We work closely with you and your platform of choice, supporting you step by step, taking you from thinking about crowdfunding to having a successfully overfunded campaign.

Since 2018, 100% of clients that completed our programme funded!

1. Introducing the journey and laying foundations

Learn the fundamentals of any successful crowdfunding campaign and prepare your crowdfunding investor documents

2. Understanding your crowd and building your presence

Prepare your online presence for crowdfunding, dive into the anatomy of your crowd and begin to raise investment

3. Rolling out the comms and marketing it up

Widen your investor reach, increase marketing efforts and build your campaign

4. Taking things up a notch

Build momentum for launch, prepare your video and learn the psychology behind successful campaigns

5. Getting it launched

How to run a live and public financial promotion, put the final details in place before opening for investment

6. Getting it over the line

Open the campaign for investment, learn how to run it smoothly and close your campaign successfully

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Learn more about crowdfunding

We've put together a free training video for business leaders considering or currently raising investment. Click the link below to find out more.

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Crowdfunding Education Series

New to crowdfunding?

We run a series of emails to educate you about Crowdfunding, including topics like what is equity crowdfunding, what are the benefits of crowdfunding and what to consider when choosing a crowdfunding platform.

Sign up here to join the series and learn more about equity crowdfunding.



On The Mend - overfunded via Seedrs

"Team ISQ don’t just teach you all about the importance of warming up the crowd but critically they also give you the tools, support and advice you’ll need to ensure the whole process runs smoothly from prep to start to finish."

CarCloud - overfunded by 150% via Seedrs

"The ISQ blend of experience, structure and support created the platform for our Seedrs campaign to fund in 48 hours before going on to overfund at 150%. I would strongly recommend anyone who is considering crowdfunding to get in touch with the ISQ team for an initial chat"

dooo - overfunded by 130% via Crowdcube

"ISQ are a great team, very warm and welcoming. They go out of their way to help you, all the way through the programme right up to the end where you've successfully funded. I definitely would recommend, as I wouldn’t have got to this stage without them. I can now fully develop and launch my app!"

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Recently funded client campaigns

Your Dog's Club

Platform: Seedrs

Total raised: £411,540 / 137%

Total investors: 227


Platform: Crowdcube

Total raised: £507,182 / 144%

Total investors: 432

Modern Persian Kitchen

Platform: Seedrs

Total raised: £88,003 / 116%

Total investors: 159

When in Rome

Platform: Crowdcube

Total raised: £496,509/ 124%

Total investors: 291

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